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On my most recent trip to Denver, Colorado I used one of the Boxy Cove Pouches to keep my undies discreetly tucked in inside my luggage.  (Don't worry my Boxy Pouch is one of the samples pouches I made when creating this collection 😊)

Believe me, there were plenty of times during the trip I had to open my bag with tons of people around (like at the airport) and knowing that no-one was going to see my underwear and that it was not going to fly all over the floor, was such a relieve. 

We stayed at an Airbnb that only had 1 small bathroom.. 🚽, the bathroom had a sink enough to just place the toothbrush, toothpaste, and a couple of small toiletries.

Boxy Cove Pouch

Well, with 3 women having to share this small bathroom, I didn't have a place for my toiletry bag; that's when the snap handle in this pouch came SUPER handy!

I hung my Boxy Cove Pouch by the door handle, and voila! Problem solved!

I was discreet, my things were accessible, and I didn't have to place them on top of a small countertop.

It was perfect! 

These Boxy Cove Pouches come in 3 different styles, and the accent fabric is combined with either Navy Blue or Soft Pink.

I only have very few of each, and one of the style is already sold out. So make sure you get yours soon.😊

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